Outdoor Pursuits

Experience the best of Connemara at Screebe's privately owned estate extending 45,000 acres.
Screebe offers a whole host of outdoor activities across 45,000 acres. Embrace your inner adventurer and take on one of the many hiking routes in the area, rent bikes directly from Screebe and explore the beautiful surrounds and embrace the serene beauty of Connemara. Experience one of Screebe's unique fly fishing and hunting expeditions or enjoy a round of clay pigeon shooting. Awaken your senses by jumping off the near by pier into the wild Atlantic followed by a warm sauna and a soak in the outdoor hot tub at The Spa Lodge. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the great outdoors at Screebe House and our dedicated team would be delighted to assist you.
Bikes for Rent:
Take in the breathtaking scenery of Connemara by bike. Bikes can be rented directly from Screebe House. 
Booking in advance is advised via booking@screebe.com.
Kayaking Tours:
Take in the breathtaking scenery of Camus Bay or Lough Corrib from the water with our Kayaking Tours. Kayaks, Lifejackets and instructor included with the choice of heading out on Camus Bay directly from Screebe House or Logh Corrib from Maam Bridge. Booking is essential. For bookings and prices please contact booking@screebe.com.
Hiking & Photography Tours:
Enjoy a refreshing hike in one of the most idyllic places in the country with one of our experienced guides, who will take you on an adventure to capture some of the most magical spots in Connemara, sharing their knowledge along the way. 
Booking in advance is advised. For more details contact us at booking@screebe.com.
Fly Fishing:
Screebe House offers guests an exclusive fishing experience on it's impressive system of loughs and lakes abound with brown trout, sea trout and salmon.  
Our experienced team provide traditional fishing boats and can organise a Ghillie (professional guide) for your fishing tour if required. 
Conservation is at the heart of what we do and we will never allow more than one boat on any of our lakes at any one time. While the salmon and bridge pools are fished by only two rods at any one time. This keeps conservation at the heart of what we do whilst at the same time giving you the best opportunity to have a successful day.
Each season, our fishing experts will keep you up to date with the best timing for the fish runs and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. To subscribe to the Screebe Fishing Newsletter email booking@screebe.com.
**Please note that Screebe will provide all necessary permits** 
Fly Fishing Seasons
  • Brown Trout - 15th of February to 30th of September
  • Salmon - 1st of May to 30th of September
  • Sea Trout - 1st of May to 30th of September
Price List
  • Pricing by arrangement please contact us for details.
Fishing and Reservation Notes
  • Fishing is strictly by fly only
  • Fishing is with barbless hooks
  • All Salmon and Sea Trout are caught on a catch and release basis, all fish caught MUST be returned unharmed to the water
  • Any fish that dies during the fight or after will be kept by the house
  • Payment is to be made directly to the fishery office prior to receiving permits
  • State licenses/permits can be purchased on site at the fishery or in a local tackle shop, or online, but must be produced for inspection to the fishery manager prior to fishing
  • Fishing requests should be submitted as early as possible to avoid disappointment
  • Priority is given to guests staying in Screebe over day ticket requests
  • All fishing reserved must be paid for; there are no rebates for unsuitable weather
  • Fishing for salmon rotates on a half-daily basis between the Bridge Pool and the Salmon Pool
  • Lough fishing is normally from a boat, with 2 anglers per boat
  • There is a maximum of 2 rods on each boat
Sign up to our Fishing mailing list to recieve updates and catch reports here.
Screebe's privately owned estate extends 45,000 acres, one of the largest hunting grounds in the country. Guided by our experienced team, lead by Shoot Manager Craig McCleane, they specialise in rough shooting of Woodcock and Snipe, and stalking Red Deer, native to Connemara. For questions please email outdoors@screebe.com.
Hunting Season
  • Red Deer - September 1st to February 28th 
  • Woodcock and Snipe - November 1st to January 31st
  • Trophy Season - October
Price List: 2 daily stalks
  • Pricing by arrangement please contact us for details.
  • 1 on 1 guided hunting expedition (Max 2 people, please confirm on application) 
  • October Trophy fees - please confirm on application
  • Guided stalk covers 45,000 acres of Screebe land
  • Transport can be arranged

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